December 2022 – Planning appeal success for scheme located near to Bishop’s Itchington, Stratford-on-Avon

We welcome the news that the appeal scheme located near to Bishop’s Itchington, Stratford on Avon, presented by Aspect Landscape’s Senior Director Ben Wright, at a Hearing in December 2022, has been granted permission.

The appeal site comprised around 82.5 Ha of low lying agricultural land with solar arrays covering some 55Ha.  The only objection was the effects upon the character and appearance of the surrounding landscape. The Hearing was held on the 23rd November with the Appeal Decision quickly being published on the 1st December 2022.

Ben presented evidence at the Hearing and having regard to national and local policy support for renewable energy and energy security, and a high level of biodiversity net gain including the introduction of flower rich meadows, the Inspector concluded the positive benefits of the scheme outweighed any initial harm to landscape character and appearance which would reduce over time to a limited impact and allowed the appeal.

More details of the appeal decision can be found here