• Identification and appraisal of sites for renewable energy schemes including Windfarms/Wind turbines and Photovoltaic Solar Farms.
  • Strategic and detailed appraisals of landscape character and visual amenities which will inform the location renewable energy schemes to ensure that the proposals do not adversely affect the local and wider landscape setting and visual envelope. National and local policy will also be considered during this appraisal to ensure that the proposals comply with current guidelines and best practice.
  • Preparation of information to accompany planning submissions or for presentation at public inquiry. Such information would include Landscape and Visual Assessments to form part of a wider Environmental Statement or a Proof of Evidence for presentation before a Public Inquiry. The statements would be accompanied by visual aids including plans and supporting graphic material illustrating existing landscape features, Zones of Theoretical Visibility and photomontages.
  • Preparation of detailed design for mitigation of proposed renewable energy scheme to ensure the successful integration of proposals within the landscape setting. The detailed design may include the preparation of planting plans and 3D visuals to demonstrate how the proposals would be integrated.
  • Aspect has considerable experience in providing expert evidence at Public Inquiries for renewable energy schemes nationwide.