Urban Regeneration

  • Strategic appraisal of existing developments for the purposes of extension and replacement and assessment of new sites for development within the urban envelope and the urban fringe. These appraisals also include sites within sensitive landscape and historic settings.
  • Promotion of development from outline planning through to detailed planning and Environmental Assessment to planning appeals. Aspect has considerable experience in the preparation of Landscape Supporting Statements, Landscape and Visual Environmental Impact Assessments and Proofs of Evidence. Assessment will generally involve the appraisal of the existing landscape / townscape character and visual amenities, in particular their quality and sensitivity to change, which then enables a comprehensive impact assessment of the proposals.
  • Assessment of national and local policy, ensuring compliance. Liaising with Local Authorities to ensure a coordinated approach to development.
  • Masterplanning of proposals with the landscape and arboricultural appraisals informing the layout of the development to ensure that the proposed built elements can be integrated.
  • Detailed design of the setting of the proposals including both soft and hard landscaping to create a high quality coordinated context for the development. Proposed detailing illustrated with planting plans, planting schedules, public realm plans, materials palettes and 3D visuals.
  • Preparation of ongoing management schedules and information to ensure that the proposals are maintained to the highest level.
  • Aspect have considerable experience in providing expert evidence in relation to retail developments at Public Inquiries nationwide.